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Help & Info about Psiphon for android

  • Is Psiphon really a free anti-censorship tool?

    It is a free tool that you may use to fight government and Internet Service Provider censorship. There is also a paid “Pro” version that Android users may use too.
  • How is the Psiphon software able to unblock websites?

    A mix of technology is used. A mix of SSH (Secure Shell) technology and VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is used to help fight censorship, and to help protect your privacy as you surf the Internet.
  • Is it legal to use Psiphon software?

    Some countries have banned the use of this type of software, but in most cases the use of this software is perfectly legal. The fact that it may be used to access censored websites doesn't make this software illegal in itself, just like owning a crowbar is not illegal even if you use the crowbar to break into houses.
  • Why would people pay to use Psiphon?

    There are numerous reasons that vary depending upon where you live. Some people pay to remove the adverts that may appear on their version of this software. Others may only be able to use a version of this software that has a limited upload and download rate, and such people may pay to increase the upload and download rate.
  • Is Psiphon secure?

    It is as secure as most online brokerage websites or online TV subscriptions with regards to how much the admins know about you and/or your subscription. If somebody wishes to monitor your online activity, then they will have a very difficult time.
  • Is the data integrity of downloaded information secure?

    SHA1 cryptographic hashes are used, which is a weaker form of data integrity than something such as PGP digital signatures. Nevertheless, it is enough for most people to feel safe that their downloaded files have not been tampered with.
  • Was Psiphon built to protect my privacy?

    The fact is that this program will protect your privacy to a great degree, especially with regards to your Internet Service provider because they will now have a hard time following what you are doing online. However, this program was not built to protect your privacy, and groups or agencies with enough computing power will be able to follow what you are doing online if they are willing to commit sufficient resources.
  • Does Psiphon collect my IP address in the same way that other websites do?

    If you use this software, you do not have to set up a user account, your IP address is not collected, and you do not have to enter usernames, email addresses or passwords if you do not wish to. Any event logs will only show your country, your city, your sponsor ID (if any), your protocol type and your client version. This again means that you have far more privacy than if you were using your Internet normally as provided by your Internet service provider.
  • Why does my antivirus software or my Firewall mark Psiphon as a threat?

    Make sure you have a real and authentic version before you continue. If you have a real and authentic version, then it was a false positive from your Firewall or antivirus software.
  • Is it possible for me to suffer a DNS leak while using Psiphon?

    The chance is very remote that you will suffer a DNS leak when using this program. Psiphon automatically changes your Windows DNS (Domain Name System) settings to point to vetted DNS servers that have been whitelisted.


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Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.